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Andrew Mezvinsky

further works:
Andrew Mezvinsky - Nabucco's Hubris
Nabucco's Hubris
Andrew Mezvinsky
Andrew Mezvinsky's limited edition box set intertwines the stories of Icarus and Nabucco - both of whose fates were decided by their succumbing to hubris.
For Mezvinsky, what unites both characters is their ego, their naivety, their hubris and their belief that they are above God. Both make dramatic attempts to prove their superiority, and in this they are united as well: They choose actions with which they believe they can show the world and those around them, that they are above, beyond, better. While following the plight of the exiled Jews, Verdi's opera uses the historical events as a backdrop for a romantic and political plot, often comparing the elevation of Nabucco to the flying angel. Not heeding his father's advice, Icarus famously flew too high and in this act of hubris, plummeted to his death.
As is characteristic of Mezvinsky's work, "Nabucco's Hubris" is a sort of miniature theater, in which the diverse storylines and plots are at first glance hopelessly tangled. But with each page, each layer that the viewer turns, the scenes become more clear, while at the same time pulling him further into the depths of the story.

A short video introduction into the work can be found here:

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