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Ivan Moudov

One Square Meter

Ivan Moudov - Turkish Sushi
Turkish Sushi
Ivan Moudov - Garbage (CH-DE)
Garbage (CH-DE)
Ivan Moudov - Garbage (DE-PL)
Garbage (DE-PL)
Ivan Moudov - Fresh Window
Fresh Window
Ivan Moudov - One Hour Priority
One Hour Priority
Ivan Moudov - One Square Meter
One Square Meter
Ivan Moudov - Untitled
Ivan Moudov - Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria 11/09/2001
Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria 11/09/2001
further works:
Ivan Moudov - Traffic Control
Traffic Control
Ivan Moudov
Born in 1975 in Sofia
Lives and works in Sofia
2002 - MA, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Department of Mural Painting 1995 - Graduated the High School of Applied Arts in Sofia

Solo exhibitions

2011 "Ivan Moudov - One Square Meter" Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria

2010 "Wine for Openings" Cabaret Voltarie, Zürich, Switzerland

2010 "Ivan Moudov" Stiftung Binz 39, Zürich, Switzerland

2009 "Ivan Moudov - Romanian Trick" Artericambi, Verona, Italy

2008 "Ivan Moudov - Wine for Openings" Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Prishtina, Albania

2008 "Ivan Moudov" Kunstverein Braunschweig, Brauschweig, Germany

2008 "Ivan Moudov - Wellcome " Prometeogallery, Milano, Italy

2008 " The 1st at Moderna: Ivan Moudov" Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweeden

2007 "Already Made" Siemens_artLab, Vienna, Austria

2007 52° Biennale di Venezia, Bulgarian Pavilion, Venice, Italy

2006 2006 Young European Astist Trieste, Contemporaneo Award, Studio Tommaseo, Istituto
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp per la Documentazione e Diffusione delle Arti, Triste, Italy

2006 "MUSIZ" Studio Tommaseo, Trieste, Italy

2006 "New Hope" Geothe Institut, Sofia, Bulgaria

2006 "The Young Artists#x2019 Biennial - Art is Always Somewhere Else" AWOL, Bucharest, Hungary

2006 "I / ich" An exhibition in three acts, Performative Ontology, Secession, Vienna, Austria

2006 "Wild Capital" Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden, Germany

2005 "Reloaded" Warszawski Aktyw Artystow, Warsaw, Polland

2005 "MUSIZv Poduyane Station, Sofia, Bulgaria

2005 "Fragments" ATA Center / Institute od Contemporary Art

2005 "Location Shots" Galerie Erna Hecey, Brussels, Netherlands

2005 "Play Sofia" Kunsthalle Wien, Project Space Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria

2005 "Dialectics of Hope" 1 Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2004 "Love it or leave it" 5th Cetinje Biennale, Cetinje / Montenegro, Dubrovnik / Croatia,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Tirana / Albania

2004 "Untitled (As yet)" VI Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists, Vrsac, Serbia

2003 "In the Gorges of the Balkans" Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany

2003 "Blood amp Honey" The Essl Collection, Vienna, Austria

2002 "Reconstructions" 4th Cetinje Biennial, Montenegro

2002 Manifesta 4 Video Program, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

2002 "In Search of Balkania" Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria

Group exhibitions

2012 "Doppio Gioco / Double Game" The Ambiguity of the Photographic Image, Fondazione
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy

2012 "Rearview Mirror - New Art from Central amp Eastern Europe" Art Gallery of Alberta,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Edmont, Alberta

2011 "Kontakt Collection" Sofia Art Gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 " Site Inspection" The Museum on the Museum, Ludwig Museum, Museum of
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Contemporary Ast, Budapest, Hungary

2011 "Rearview Mirror" The Power Plant, Toronto, USA

2011 "Beziehungsarbeit - Kunst und Institution " Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria

2011 "Hidden Publics" Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 "The Other Eye" Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 "NON" Galerie Aberta Pane, Paris, France (former Galerie KernotArt)

2010 "Hidden Publics " Rotor(Associatioon for Contemporary Art), Graz, Austria

2010 "Transitland in Trieste" Studio Tommaseo, Institutio per la Documentazion e
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Diffusionenbspdelle Arti, Treiste, Italy

2010 2nd International Antakya Biennial, Antakya, Turkey

2010 "Watchmen, Liars, Dreamers" (Erudition concrete 3) FRANC - Ile-de-France Le Plateau,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Paris, France

2010 "Word for word, without words" Mestna Galerija / City Museum Ljubljana, Ljubljana,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Slovenia

2010 "Dwelling-in-travel" Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Bulgaria

2010 "Playing the City II" Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

2010 "Versteckte Öffentlichkeiten - Hidden Publics" Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal, Switzerland

2010 "August in Art Biennial 2010" August in Art Biennial Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

2010 "The other side of the coin" Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2010 "Contemporary Art and Mutual Trust" Sanat Liman#x131, Istanbul, Tukey

2010 "Transitland - Space" Bratislava, Slovakia (former Galéria Priestor for Contemporary
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Arts)

2010 "Physikalität in Sport und Beruf" Hilger Modern, Vienna, Austria (curated by Walter Siedl)

2010 "Studies amp Theory" Kwadrat, Berlin, Germany

2010 "Electrified 02 - Hacking Public Space" SMAK Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Gent,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp France

2010 "Transitland" Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía MNCARS, Madrid, Spain

2010 "Here, There and Everywhere" HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna, Austria

2010 "Monumento A La Transformación" Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

2010 "Monument to Transformation" Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, Croatia

2009 "Storia Memoria Identità: fotografia contemporanea dall#x2019Est Europa" Fondazione Cassa di
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Risparmio di Modena, Modena, Italy

2009 "Working Title / Tytu#x142 Roboczy" CSW Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej / Centre for
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warschau, Russia

2009 "Reflection of tomorrow" Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Bulgaria

2009 "Harburger Berge" Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg, Germany

2009 "Transitland" The Red House, Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria

2009 "Transmediale" Transitland Destination Berlin (TCP), Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Germany

2009 "Collection Dubai" Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2009 28th Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2009 "After Ego - Art Today Association" Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2009 "Ausgewählt: 10 JAHRE < rotor >" Rotor - Association for Contemporary Art, Graz,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Austria

2009 "Monument to Transformation 1989-2009" City Gallery Prague / Galerie Hlavního M#x11Bsta
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Prahy, Prag, Czech Republic

2009 "Performing the East" Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria

2008 "Römer VI - Kommunikologie" Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany

2008 "Z E R O G R A V I T Y" The architecture of the social space - Art Today Association -
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2008 "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria

2008 "L'art Contemporain en Europe, Experience Pommery #5" Domaine Pommery, Reims,nbsp
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp France

2008 "It's Hard to Be an Artist" Galerie ArtPoint / KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria

2008 "La nuova Estetica#x2026Continuo e discontinuo" Accademia di Belle Arti di Bari, Bari, Italy

2008 "Video salon 3, Curatorial Rebound Project" Galerija 10m², Sarajevo, Bosnia and
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Herzegovina

2008 "Ivan Moudov" Shingo Yoshida - La BF15, Lyon, France

2007 "Multiplicities" ARC Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007 "Résidents" Espace Fondation EDF, Paris, France

2007 "Everyday Stories" Hellenic American Union Gallery, Athen, Greece

2007 "Le Souvenir" ACC Galerie Weimar, Weimar, Germany

2007 "Lifting. Theft in Art" Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, Scottland

2007 52nd International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale / Biennale di Venezia - La Biennale di
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Venezia, Venezia, Italy

2007 "You Won#x2019t Feel a Thing - on Panic, Obsession, Rituality and Anesthesia" Wyspanbsp
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspInstitute od Art, Danzig, Polland

2007 "European re-Union" Galerie ArtPoint / KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria

2007 "In search of lost time" Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007 "The Collection" Trafo House of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary

2006 "Neither a White Cube, nor a Black Box" Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgary

2006 "The Young Artists#x2019 Biennial" Absent Without Leave (AWOL) Bratianu Palace, Bukarest,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Hungary

2006 "You won´t feel a thing" Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden, Germany

2006 "I, an exhibition in three acts" Futura, Prag, Czech Republic

2006 "Wildes Kapital" Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden, Germany

2006 "On Difference #2: Grenzwertig" Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany

2006 "Location Shots" Galerie Erna Hécey, Brüssel, Belgie

2006 "Was Wäre Wenn # 3" Jet, Berlin, Germany

2005 "F(acts)igures" - Artwalk, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2005 "Play Sofia" Kunsthalle Wien Project Space Karlsplatz, Vienna

2005 "Freeze" Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2005 5. Cetinje Biennale, Cetinje Biennale of Visual Arts, Cetinje, Montenegro

2005 "Strange, Familiar and Unforgotten " Galerie Erna Hécey, Brüssel, Belgie

2005 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow Biennale of contemporary art,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Moscow, Russia

2004 "The Sneeze 80x80" Loraini Alimantiri Gazonrouge, Athen, Greece

2004 "Werkstatt Junge Akademie" AdK - Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany

2003 "Variations in Balkan Spaces" Art Box, Thessaloniki, Greece

2003 "Video Screening 04" Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna, Austria

2003 "Blut amp Honig - Zukunft ist am Balkan" Essl Museum - Kunst Der Gegenwart,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Klosterneuburg, Austria

2003 "Export - Import - Contemporary Art from Bulgaria" Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2002 "In search of Balkania" Neue Galerie Graz - Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria

2002 4. Cetinje Biennial - Cetinje Biennale of Visual Arts, Cetinje, Montenegro

2002 "Manifesta 4" Frankfurt/Main, Manifesta - European Biennial of Contemporary Art,
nbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Amsterdam, Netherlands

2001 "Never Stop the Action" Rotor - Association for Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria

2001 "Looming Up" WUK - Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria

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