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Oliver Dorfer

recent works

Oliver Dorfer - the yolo iteration 14
the yolo iteration 14
Oliver Dorfer - Mana 2
Mana 2
Oliver Dorfer - Mana 4
Mana 4
Oliver Dorfer - Mana 5
Mana 5


Oliver Dorfer - dystopia 1
dystopia 1
Oliver Dorfer - dystopia 4
dystopia 4
Oliver Dorfer - dystopia polaroid 3
dystopia polaroid 3
Oliver Dorfer - dystopia polaroid 4
dystopia polaroid 4
Oliver Dorfer - Dystopia 15
Dystopia 15


Oliver Dorfer - blueprint 4
blueprint 4
Oliver Dorfer - blueprint 5
blueprint 5

The Pulpproject

Oliver Dorfer - the pulpproject / oceania
the pulpproject / oceania
Oliver Dorfer - Pulpproject / oceania 2
Pulpproject / oceania 2
Oliver Dorfer - the pulpproject / pieta
the pulpproject / pieta
Oliver Dorfer - The pulproject / oceania 4
The pulproject / oceania 4
further works:
Oliver Dorfer - untitled (golden cut #2)
untitled (golden cut #2)
Oliver Dorfer
Oliver Dorfer confronts us with a retina that reflects a flood of images and represents the darkroom of the mind.

A disco ball envelops its surroundings with flickering light, countless, tiny rotating points of brightness transfiguring the space into a surface that reflects our visual world. It is as if we had closed our eyes and all the impressions of the past day are replayed in the form of after- or phantom likenesses. The innumerable mirrors are reminiscent of the compound eyes of bees, which represent the environment as a matrix. 5,000 lenses per eye generate myriads of individual images in the brain, which when combined are comparable with a pixelated facsimile. Dorfer's field of vision also revolves through 360° but nonetheless focuses on one pictorial area as a palimpset.

We are no longer part of the unified aspect of central perspective with its spectator vanishing points and instead are in a multiversum with many centres and parallel worlds. Dorfer has departed from the traditional perspective-based view of space with a fixed and absolute standpoint. His collage-like, pictorial compositions represent an associative chain of pieces of visual scenery from current press photography, cinema, comics and mangas, children's books and graphic design, as well as musical influences from the world of pop culture.

The multiplicity of changing points of view communicates a dynamic vision of space in the fourth dimension that is composed in an interaction with the beholder. Dorfer thereby links modern media techniques with archaic representations of an ethnological origin. His artistic focus questions the various conscious levels of our perception. A process that to some extent involves extremely precise images of objects that he himself has photographed, but also schematic gestalts redolent of dreams, or an alien, surreal world.
(Abstract from Jeanette Zwingenberger's text for Oliver Dorfer's catalogue '08/14')

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